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HR but not as you know it!

We call it Partner Resource – we want to change the way people think about and use HR. It’s time for a new approach to an age-old problem!

We don’t just offer a one-size fits all approach – each company is unique and so are the people in it. Before we offer our services, we ensure we understand each person within your organisation, your culture, your operations and what you and your people need!

If we haven’t done the groundwork, we won’t offer Our Partner Resource Service – it goes against our values. We believe in working with organisations that are committed to supporting their employees’ wellbeing and growth; organisations whose leaders value culture as much as they do results; organisations who share our commitment to creating workplaces where people can thrive.

But what does this mean for you? It means that when you choose us as your Partner Resource, you’ll get more than just a HR service provider: You’ll get someone who is fully invested in helping make sure everyone within your business has everything they need to succeed.

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We’re so excited to be changing the way you think about HR (Partner Resource), but we still must abide by UK employment law!

We know, we know—it’s not always fun to deal with the rules and regulations of your workplace. But don’t worry! We’ve got some tips that will help you navigate UK employment law so you can stay compliant and keep your company running smoothly.

Our Services

We don’t have a bundle of bundles to offer you!

We take time to understand your business and help you cement the right foundations within your company culture so that you’re not dealing with workplace related issues as a norm!

Our Partner Resource Services Are:

  • HR, Employment Law and Health and Safety Audit (so that everything is compliant and tip-top)
  • Employee experience (from the moment the job advert goes out to that moment when the time comes to say goodbye, we cover every step of the employee journey)
  • HR admin (new joiners, employee contracts, probationary review letters, offer letters . . . the list goes on)
  • Employees and workers (agency workers, part-time employees, casual employees—we’ve got it all covered!)
  • Pay and benefits (holiday pay, sick leave . . . the list goes on)
  • Employee Relations & Disputes – We will always do what’s best for the company and your people and give you our compliant as well as honest and open advice!
  • Employee Performance – From feedback, one2ones, performance reviews and for those times when something isn’t quite going right, and you need some guidance.
  • Recruitment and onboarding – And we will even facilitate the interviews with you if that’s what you need!
  • Employee Wellbeing and Engagement survey – We have a cool partnership and access to an incredible platform where people and culture are at the heart of the data we gather!

If we have missed it off the list rest assured, we will be sure to add it on!

Our approach is very hands on, and we ensure we become part of your team!

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