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A huge part of what we do here at IES, is educate on the absolute importance of Effective Communication…….but what does that mean and how do you know if you are communicating effectively?

I (Steph) am a NLP practitioner, and I have a huge passion for communication, both verbal and none verbal. Becoming a NLP practitioner a few years ago, was a game changer for me, it was like I could see the world through a brand new, clearer lens, and that inspired me to learn more and educate others on the power of not only communicating well but also having an awareness of what others may be trying to communicate to you too.

Have you ever found yourself caught in a dialogue where you say something like “that is not what I meant” or “ you have interpreted what I said completely wrong”?

Lets consider this NLP Presupposition for a minute ⬇⬇

“The meaning of communication is the response you get.”

The intention you have for the communication is just as important as the response that you want to get. The response that you get may be different to the response that you wanted. Therefore, the response is feedback that you can use in order to alter your communication to get the desired and appropriate response.

When we communicate effectively as a business, leader, manager, co-worker, friend, partner, parent….(all aspects of our lives), life really is that much easier, would you agree? At the very start of any conflict we experience, is ineffective dialogue, whether that virtual or face to face.

We are moving into a world were we are going to be interacting more via virtual meeting rooms/platforms, and so many non-verbal cues can be lost this way, so in my opinion, there has never has there been a more important time to understand the effectiveness of your language choices, and the message you wish to convey rather than the one you are currently.

Ask yourself, when you have misunderstood someone’s communication in the past, or you have been misunderstood, did they actually mean what they said, how YOU read/interpreted it, or could it have possibly meant something else?

This really could be the difference between a huge sale, or someone walking away and doing business elsewhere! Or possibly loosing a valuable member of staff!

If this resonates or interests….get in touch today.

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