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Whether you are an individual business owner, or an executive, leading a large organisation, IES can work with you to identify and develop your professional competencies and capabilities, in order to accelerate the growth and success of your organisation.

Here are some of the key areas we will cover.

  • Professional development
  • Effective Communication & Networking
  • Agile Emotional intelligence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Defining purpose, mission, and values
  • Operational processes

Key areas of focus

IES access a full range of powerful tools and techniques which are used within our work.

Our golden rule is that a ‘one size fits all ‘ approach just does not work, and so all of our services are bespoke to meet the needs of each client. We never just blindly stick to a plan if the results indicate something different will be more successful. Agility is the key!

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Why Work With Us?

Our founders are straight talking individuals, with a direct approach, and when you couple that with their extensive shared experience, you are ensured to receive a vastly different, wealth of knowledge, which takes a 360 approach to mentoring.

Their combined skillsets not only incorporate business strategy and change, but also individual mindset and wellbeing, which ensures that our clients are taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to situations and life events within their working environment.

The IES vision is focused on developing individuals to gain clarity, self-belief, confidence, motivation, and innovative thinking, in order to drive forward individual and organisational business growth which will ultimately lead to success.