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Today’s workforce may be perfectly suited to today’s challenges. But what about next year’s?

Being competitive today means developing your employees to adapt and respond positively to change.

At IES we use structured change methodologies to manage the people side of change.

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Change is a human process we all experience when:

  • We try new things.
  • We do things differently.
  • Or when something impacts the way we function day to day

How individuals respond to change can challenge the fundamentals of change management in the work place.
A company’s ability to adapt successfully will determine if a company survives or thrives.

How We Work

IES supports organisations through change by using business disciplines to navigate and explore how change affects, and is affected by, individuals, teams, and organisations, equipping them with the knowledge, theories, skills, and techniques to:

  • Unlock resistance to change.
  • Effectively support and motivate individuals and teams to embrace change.
  • Implement change smoothly and effectively.
  • Develop the emotional intelligence necessary to support a thriving agile culture
IES Culture the Change Curve
IES Change Diagram

Benefits of leading change effectively:

  • Employee performance increases when staff feel supported and understand the change process.
  • Helps to plan efficient communication strategies.
  • Improves morale, productivity, and quality of work.
  • Improves cooperation, collaboration, and communication.
  • A carefully planned approach to change reduces stress and anxiety and encourages people to stay loyal to the organisation.
  • Increased employee acceptance of the change.

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