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We are knee deep in a pandemic, and despite the fact that we see new measures being introduced and implemented each week, the corporate world is still very much functioning with the majority of their workforce, working from home (WFH)

Never has there been a bigger test on individuals and teams alike to perform under extremely testing times, and whilst some may thrive, there will be many that feel isolated, unmotivated and exhausted.

For me (Steph) I thrive when I am around people, I love office banter, being out of my (much loved) home, away from the daily distractions of running a home, being Mum, wife etc, so being asked to work from home, day in, day out, using virtual platforms such as zoom to interact with others is exhausting for me and by the end of the week I am drained.

However, I know for a fact that this is not the case for others, and they actually excel and thrive under these conditions. Not having a daily commute, being able to get their heads down and do their job, without the distraction of conversations happening around them.

But with teams of people being made up of many different personality types, as a leader how can you ensure you are supporting all of those in your team in a way that will suit them all?

How can you shape your culture in a way that supports employee morale, business recovery, and continued success!

It might seem impossible to know where or how to begin—but we can help.

Our workplace recovery solution is designed to engage everyone in building more effective relationships at work, whether working from home, or in the same office space.

It helps people adapt to others in real-time, unlocking engagement and inspiring more effective collaboration.

Investing in Your Culture Should Have a Lasting Impact—and Now It Can.

Investing in Your Culture Should Have a Lasting Impact—and Now It Can.

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