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Can You Describe Your Company Culture?

A HUGE 61% of the UK’s employees say they have resigned from a job due to workplace culture issues *

Culture within an organisation is a powerful yet invisible force that shapes how people work together. It’s not something you can see or touch, but it’s keenly felt through daily interactions and shared experiences.

To truly grasp what your culture looks like, engage in open conversations, solicit feedback, and be receptive to your team’s collective sentiment. By doing so, you can harness the strengths of your culture, address its development areas, and create a more cohesive and productive workplace that aligns with your organisation’s values and objectives. *Oak Engage

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At Innovate Enterprise Solutions, our purpose is to partner with CEOs of high growth SMEs, providing them with the tools, strategies, and expertise needed to enhance their company’s culture, optimise operations, improve employee engagement, and drive sustainable growth.

We are committed to catalysing positive transformation within organisations, fostering a culture of innovation, and enabling our clients to not only achieve their business objectives but also create enduring, meaningful impact in their communities and industries.

Our mission is to be the trusted partner that propels forward-thinking leaders toward greater success, making their journey to excellence both seamless and rewarding.


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How to Stop The Great Resignation

Our comprehensive guide is FREE to download – contained you will find chapters covering;

  • What is causing the Great Resignation
  • Understanding the Employee/Manager Relationship
  • Improving Managers Effectiveness in the workplace
  • Helping Managers adapt their approach and keep their employees

Why does management matter now more than ever? How do you improve the manager/employee relationship? Find out in our new ebook, How to Stop the Great Resignation.

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Our Vision, Mission, & Core Values

  • Company Vision – Our vision is to be the foremost catalyst for progressive and sustainable growth in the SME landscape. We aspire to see a future where every CEO of a rapidly growing business can confidently lead their organisation towards excellence, armed with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to foster innovation, maximise operational efficiency, and create thriving, engaged workplaces.
  • Company Mission – Our mission is to inspire and empower teams to unlock their full potential and achieve amazing things!
  • Core Values
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Danielle Heath

Meet Our Founder

Danielle Heath is a former VP with over 17 years’ experience in the Financial Services Sector. She has achieved success in a variety of management and leadership roles with a key focus on developing people and teams as well as building and developing processes to enhance business growth, performance, and success.

Danielle has worked with large organisations such as Bank of America, RBS, Bank of New York, and Lloyds Bank to name but a few. She has also led small start-up businesses in various industries including Finance, I.T, HR, and Construction.

A passionate, straight-talking leader who always strives for results, Danielle’s goal is to create organisations that value continuous improvement, creativity, and innovation—whilst being an advocate for the people who work there. Danielle has successfully led organisations through a number of transformation, integration and change initiatives, and with her extensive experience continues to support CEOs in aligning their culture to strategy so that they can boost their teams performance and achieve results.

As well as her extensive years of experience Danielle has a professional diploma in Leadership, Management and Business Success, is an Organisational Change Management Practitioner, Employee Law Practitioner, NLP practitioner and an Authorised Partner, Coach and Trainer of Everything DISC and the Five Behaviours.

A Dominant (D) Everything DiSC style with an extra priority on Influence (I). An assertive and results-driven leader who also possesses a keen ability to engage and motivate others, often leading with a commanding presence and a talent for rallying teams towards common goals.

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