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Supporting Organisations In Creating Cultures That Fuel Innovation And Drive Results

Culture Check!

85% of UK businesses feel the pinch of the Great Resignation*

You know what’s the best part about being a human? We have feelings!

You see, when we work for an organisation that is focused on their culture, one that puts their people first, we are more likely to stay longer because we feel valued.

Culture is what makes a company unique, and it’s what keeps people coming back for more. It defines how employees are treated, how your customers are treated, and how the organisation treats itself. And if you can get this right from the start, it’ll pay off big in the long run!

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Let’s just start the process with a simple chat and start to understand where you are and where you and your team need to be! Let’s get some insights and then put them into action!

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The Perpetual Development Cycle

Imagine a world where your company culture was built on the foundations of innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

Imagine a world where employees felt empowered to make decisions and act, without the fear of being wrong or being judged.

Imagine a world where innovation and creativity were the norm, and not just something you read about in an article.

This is what we do. We get to understand what is really going on in your organisation, fully immerse ourselves into your company, get to know your people and then develop and embed a strong innovative company culture that drives results.

To do this we utilise four key components.

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How to Stop The Great Resignation

Our comprehensive guide is FREE to download – contained you will find chapters covering;

  • What is causing the Great Resignation
  • Understanding the Employee/Manager Relationship
  • Improving Managers Effectiveness in the workplace
  • Helping Managers adapt their approach and keep their employees

Why does management matter now more than ever? How do you improve the manager/employee relationship? Find out in our new ebook, How to Stop the Great Resignation.

IES Culture mission-culture-values

Our Vision, Mission, & Core Values

  • Company Vision – The vision we’re building here at IES: a place where you can succeed as an individual, but also thrive as part of a team that drives your company forward. We believe that when you give individuals the tools they need to succeed, you get a team that is happy and productive which propels your company forward!
  • Company Mission – Our mission is to inspire and empower teams to unlock their full potential and achieve amazing things!
  • Core Values
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Danielle Heath

Meet Our Founder

Danielle Heath is a former VP with over 17 years’ experience in the Financial Services Sector. She has achieved success in a variety of management and leadership roles with a key focus on developing people and teams as well as building and developing processes to enhance business growth, performance, and success.

Danielle has worked with large organisations such as Bank of America, RBS, Bank of New York, and Lloyds Bank to name but a few. She has also led small start-up businesses in various industries including Finance, I.T, HR, and Construction.

A passionate, straight-talking leader who always strives for results, Danielle’s goal is to create organisations that value continuous improvement, creativity, and innovation—whilst being an advocate for the people who work there. Danielle has successfully led organisations through a number of transformation, integration and change initiatives, and with her extensive experience continues to support CEOs in aligning their culture to strategy so that they can boost their teams performance and achieve results.

As well as her extensive years of experience Danielle has a professional diploma in Leadership, Management and Business Success, is an Organisational Change Management Practitioner, Employee Law Practitioner, NLP practitioner and an Authorised Partner, Coach and Trainer of Everything DISC and the Five Behaviours.

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